Chihuahua Dog


The Chihuahua is considered a native of Mexico and is named after a state in the country. The exact origin is not clear racial. There are several competing theories: 1) Chihuahuas were originally from Mexico and discovered the breed brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadors, 2) the conquistadors of Chihuahua, Mexico introduced, 3) the variety was introduced in Central America by Chinese merchants, 4), dogs originating in North Africa and Malta across Mexico. Their place in the culture of the Aztecs and Toltecs also appears to be speculative and unproven. There is not a reliable reference for the history of the race until the 1850s when visitors to the small Mexican dogs imported to the United States and no reference to the junction between the early and mid 16th to 19th century behind. Chihuahuas were first shown at Crufts in 1936, but has led to their popularity did not begin until the mid 20th century.


It is the smallest of all breeds, but in the tiny Chihuahua is a real dog with all the instincts and requirements of any dog. Certainly, his ability to love and trust is not related to its size. It is a very loyal dog, a strong bond of attachment to its owner, sometimes the size of the excessive protection and the reluctance of the attention given elsewhere.

However, these adverse trends is unlikely because it was robust and sensitive trained since the beginning. Its owners are the sun in his heaven and has a large part of their activity and interaction. He does not like being left alone for a while and can express her loneliness by not destructive, but fortunately it is very portable, desire to be with his people may often be met. With strangers, reserved and cautious and it may take some time to feel comfortable with unknown callers at home, but it should not be spicy or nervous. As a watchdog, it is excellent. Always alert and interested in what happens, there will be a good warning of the approach of “giving intruders” or anything undesirable happens in its territory. It is a bold and courageous guy, and so will provoke (sometimes awkwardly) to take on a perceived threat, no matter how difficult the task may be. Chihuahua is a graceful, beautiful dog and bone, although he is energetic, he is not a suitable playmate for young children as it may be injured by improper use, especially when a puppy, and strong personality of goodwill to pests. Particular attention in the treatment must be taken if Chi open fontanel (soft spot). It is with mixed reactions to other dogs, but most seem comfortable with his own race. For those who understand that it is not a toy or a baby to run all the time, pamper and spoil, but lively, playful, sometimes feisty dog, the Chihuahua is an excellent companion.


The requirements for the exercise of Chihuahua can almost be achieved with the operation around the house and garden and games, but he is an intelligent dog and need mental and physical exercise. Take a daily walk with sights and smells to keep his mind busy and curious nature to comply. If he feels cold, he must wear a jacket when walking in cold or wet.


obedience training base Chihuahua should begin as soon as possible so that it becomes a dog is a joy to live with and one that is welcome wherever he goes into society. He is very intelligent and very easy if practiced in a positive way with candy and sincere thanks for the good work. Impatience and verbal or physical methods that have negative effects on their learning pace and willingness to respect and destroy his confidence. If a relationship based on mutual respect and affection, he will work with you and do his best. It is important that the Chihuahua puppy socialization should begin as soon as possible. The puppy get used to different people, in introducing him to all sorts of images, sounds, situations and other dogs, it will become a confident, well adjusted, respectful adults.