Grand Bleu de Gascogne Dog


Le Grand Bleu de Gascogne (also known as the Great Gascony Blue Dog) is one of the dogs of ancient France dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the founding breeds of the decline in most dogs today can be found. It is suggested that Grand Blues evolved from the mixture of the place running with dogs dogs brought to France by Phoenician traders. It seems evident by the appearance of the dog: long ears back, the solemn, the great voice, that St. Hubert Hounds “contributed to his care. The race was conceived as a dog track for big game such as wolves, bears, wild boars and deer, and a package is owned by the famous 16th century King Henry IV of France. In comparison with other canids Grand is a bit slow and methodical on the track, but what it lacks in speed he makes up in determination the ability to sniff outstanding value and pure resistance. The reduction of big game resulted in a decrease in the number of Grand Blues. There are many in their country of origin and very few outside of France.

Character :

The character and temperament of the Grand Bleu de Gascogne is best summarized in the words of the breed standard: “sweet and pleasant.” Under its elegant and aristocratic attitude is a gentle and sociable shyness, or malice to be something alien to him. In general, patient and gentle with children and be a dog and a peaceful nature, tends to get along with other dogs. It adheres strongly with their family and requires close and frequent human contact. It must be accepted and treated like family, will be based at home and to be included in as many activities as possible. Be informed for example, with great devotion and loyalty. If exiled to live alone in the kennel, they become depressed, miserable and do not develop. You can express her loneliness and misery in the destructiveness of escape attempts, and long-term, high barking. Like all dogs secure fencing is required as this seductive fragrance is an irresistible temptation to get on the track. Although friendly, he will announce the presence of foreigners aloud to discourage intruders. This Race is not recommended for inexperienced owners or for those who can not provide the company and exercise necessary.


With a heritage of working adult Big Blue requires a considerable amount of exercise. Long daily walks are a necessity for him to keep both in good physical and mental. If a secure area is available for activities outside of lead, which will welcome the opportunity to run freely and investigating interesting smells. However, it is primarily a dog track with a great sense of smell and has to take off after the match will be deaf to all commands and entreaties to return, so caution is essential when it ‘s that acts to drive . As with all large breeds care because not all year round puppies and young dogs that can take permanent damage to joints and bones immature.

Education :

This is a great and powerful race, it is important that the basic obedience training is done in order to respond to verbal control. It is an intelligent dog with a reputation for his great ability to solve problems and a very independent person. These qualities make to find their own ideas on how an exercise should be done, but patience, kindness and consistency will help them learn to do what is needed more than what he thinks must be done. Positive reinforcement with praise, candy or games will succeed where harsher methods fail. With a manager who has the respect and affection of the Big Blue is a loan worker but strict discipline will meet with resistance and the learning process will be ten times more than the dog’s trust and confidence will be severely affected. Socialization of introducing new situations, people, places, etc should be introduced at an early age. This gives you the confidence to face life in the human world as a sensitive, quiet, outgoing adult.