Segugio Italiano Dog


The Segugio Italiano is an ancient race whose likeness is in the ancient sculptures and works of Italian Renaissance art. Also known as the dog, it would be Italian in Italy developed the Phoenician for dogs and handlers southern Gaul Celtic. Adding to the population of Mastiff blood produces flexible view a hound more substance to the ability to work careers by smell and sight. wild boar were the traditional targets of Segugio but the end of the hunt has witnessed the decline of purebred dogs. Interest in the race was revived in the 20th century. Caution built Segugio number of cattle and is now very popular in Italy as a hunting companion in a variety of game and as a partner, but is rare and little known outside his native country.


This is a good dog, loving, it can be a rewarding companion for families and individuals. Centuries of close ties with people resulted in a child’s temperament and sociable, which is usually reliable with children and gets along well with other dogs. Like most dogs, which feeds on the company and loves the comfort of home. Should be considered as a family and do not close on the patio or left alone for long periods of time. If private enterprise and interaction with people, bored and miserable, which leads to behavior problems such as digging, escape attempts and a dog barking – and her beautiful voice may be less harmonious neighbors. He is calm, but inside is a good watchdog will announce the presence of foreigners. Gardens should be equipped with because it has a strong hunting instinct that is triggered both by sight and smell of “Prey” will continue with the determination of a mind. The soft Segugio is a sensitive dog to be interrupted by the tensions and strong arguments at home and will be disturbed in particular should be angry. This race is probably better suited to live in the country.


The Italian Segugio requires a considerable amount of exercise. In its native environment, fulfilling the mission for which he was raised for centuries, can be hunted relentlessly for twelve hours a day, day after day, cover rough terrain and thick. As a pet, you should enjoy long walks every day, however long it may be, to keep fit and keep your mind alert and active. Care is required in the exercise out of fear that his desire to hunt will take you into trouble, but if a safety zone can be found, will delight the opportunity to gallop around and investigate interesting scent. The tracking dog sport is a good way to vent their energy, to exercise your mind and let you use your nose pride. He also enjoy swimming and retrieving games.


basic obedience training at least should be started at an early age. The Segugio is an intelligent dog, happy to learn and eager to please. It can be a bit stubborn at times, especially if you see any interest in being asked, but this can be overcome by holding training sessions short, fun and interesting for him. Patience, consistency and quiet strength will help you learn quickly what is needed and what is inappropriate. harsh methods that rely on strong physical and verbal corrections are unnecessary and have no place in their training. This sweet dog must be trained so concerned with the rewards of trafficking and / or praise real effort and a job well done. Socialization should also be launched as early in the life of the puppy as possible. At present many different people, other dogs, new images and sounds, which grow to an adult of good manners, sensible, sympathetic.